Technology: Proteomics Platform

Protein-based Diagnostics

The SimpliPro Colon™ test was developed using the proprietary mass spectrometry platform created by Applied Proteomics, Inc., the CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified clinical laboratory that processes the SimpliPro Colon test samples.

The Applied Proteomics Inc. platform is the result of nearly a decade of research and analysis by some of the leading minds in oncology, computing, systems development and molecular diagnostics.

Why Proteins?
  • Proteins are some of the first molecules to react to changes in the body
  • Proteins constantly exchange information about the status of the body’s systems
  • Measuring proteins delivers the current status of the body’s systems not just risk
  • Proteins give insight into the presence of disease at the earliest stages, enabling early detection

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A Breakthrough in Protein Measurement and Analysis Technology

Tests that target single protein markers have been used for years in areas including pregnancy and diabetes testing. Researchers have tried for decades to identify a single protein marker for colorectal cancer. No single protein could deliver the signal needed to detect all stages of colorectal cancer.

Applied Proteomics, Inc. culled through decades of literature and identified 187 of the strongest candidate proteins for the SimpliPro Colon test. Those 187 proteins were then evaluated in multiple studies totaling 1,347 patients studied for colorectal cancer and 1,605 studied for colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma. The result of these studies was the 11-protein biomarker panel used in the SimpliPro Colon test.

Visualizations of proteins, known as Star FieldsTM, are one of the tools used to identify markers of interest.

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