About Our Test: Test Process

Streamlined Testing Process

The SimpliPro Colon™ test is administered like other blood tests, so there are no new procedures for you or your staff to learn. We provide everything needed to draw your patient’s sample and ship it to our lab for processing. Once we receive the sample, a patient test results report will be faxed to your office within 7-10 business days.

Each test includes:

  • Test Requisition Form
  • Instructions for Use
  • Phlebotomy supplies
  • Prepaid FedEx shipping label

Contact Customer Care

Interested in requesting a test?

  Customer Care
   1.844.5.SIMPLI (844.574.6754)

Test Workflow

The SimpliPro Colon test offers in-office and at-home sample collection options, making assessing your patients’ risk for colorectal cancer even easier.

In-Office Collection

Patient arrives fasted for blood work


Draw patient’s
blood sample


Prepare sample for
shipment and call FedEx
to schedule pickup


Sample is analyzed at
our CLIA-certified, CAP
accredited lab


Test results are faxed
to your office

At-Home Collection

Give patient his/her test
box and test requisition
form to take home


Paitent schedules his/her mobile phlebotomy appointment


Mobile phlebotomist draws patient’s sample and ships it to our lab


Test results are faxed to your office

The SimpliPro Colon Test Requirements


Patient must fast for at least 8 hours prior to blood draw.

Centrifugation of the patient’s blood sample.

Dry Ice
Samples must be shipped on dry ice. If your office does not currently have access to dry ice, please contact our Customer Care team.

For more information about dry ice, see our Dry Ice FAQ page.

The SimpliPro Colon Test Instructions
Watch the SimpliPro Colon Test Instructions

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