About Our Test: Clinical Data

Test Development and Validation

The development of the SimpliPro Colon™ test began by leveraging decades of literature, utilizing the Applied Proteomics, Inc. proprietary mass spectrometry platform to evaluate 187 candidate protein markers for colorectal cancer (CRC). Evaluation included discovery and validation studies totaling 1,605 patients.

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Discovery and Validation Studies for Colorectal Cancer

Study Results for Colorectal Cancer

No significant difference in early vs. late stage CRC performance

CRC Stage Sensitivity
I-II  75%
III-IV 88%
All Stages  81%
  • 8 proteins plus age
  • 15% validated inconclusive rate

Test Performance


  1. Blume, John E., et al. The discovery and validation of blood plasma protein-based classifier panels for colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma using a combined mass spectrometry- and ELISA-based workflow in studies including 1,605 patient samples [abstract]. In: Digestive Disease Week; 2016 May 21-24; San Diego, CA. Oral presentation.

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